Roll Call

The Power Animals are:


One part adventure loving beach girl, one part food enthusiast and all parts sassy describe our master planner and hostess extraordinaire, Hillary. If we are looking for an opinion or recommendation, Hillary is not shy and has a diverse résumé of expertise, including silk blouses, ice cream sandwiches, politics, gel manicures, bubbly drinks, biking and Asian food, just to name a few! When she is not at work advising the youth of today, Hillary and her husband and urban exploration partner can be found trying new restaurants or planning their next international trip.


Nicole’s job as a music buyer is just one reason we want to steal her iPod. Her love of hip-hop and show tunes (but not hip-hop show tunes) combined with her inventive dance moves (sexy robot, anyone?) and amazing voice also make this secretly shy Buffalo native a karaoke genius. With a love of Korean food, RuPaul and bargain shopping, you never know what awesome direction a conversation with Nicole may take. And she has an amazingly cute dog whose name is Megabite!


Tammy, our petite, future professor, is the youngest Power Animal but wears the highest heels. This master mixologist says she is a clean freak but she is known for her effortless relaxed style. When not at home with her husband and their dog, Paco, Tammy teaches the most romantic of languages to the youth of New York City. With impressive skills ranging from volleyball to baking bread, Tammy is our go to for dog training tips, gift giving advice and all things Audrey Hepburn.


Guest Bloggers: 



When it comes to dessert,  Melissa is our resident expert. Also known as Cake Hero, Melissa is a whiz at things both sweet and savory, but is especially known for making awesome birthday cakes ranging in theme from Lady Gaga to Harry Potter. Queen of television, science-fiction and video games, our self-admitted master dork is actually a stylish event planner and killer dancer you want at your next party.


Jessie is our resident big-eyed, golden-haired, former tomboy. With a take charge attitude and an eloquence all her own, we are all more than happy to have her lead our monthly YA book club, where she is able to recap books and movies better than any other. Her laid back 70s style is carried through in her chill, easygoing manner, which makes Jessie a perfect vacay and road trip companion.  Any hangout with Jessie will undoubtedly result in an awesome soul searching discussion, and then just as easily segue into a fun chat about her Swedish classes, workout tips, or the latest adventures with her car, the Iron Cupcake.


With an amazing voice and the confidence to back it up, Kat is a long-legged expert jumpsuit wearer who knows how to create a choral extravaganza. This student and frequent coffee house dweller loves bright yellow, short hair and dancing. She is known for making the best t-shirts and is the perfect buddy for crafting our next costume. Endlessly upbeat, positive and enthusiastic, Kat is a fashion risk-taker, a feminist and is known for her unique ability to use language in a way that is both hilarious and insightful.


Always making use of her perfect eyebrows, Kiki is our master smizer. She is most likely to be spotted wearing bold lipstick, impractical heels and reading romance novels to us in a Scottish accent. We call on Kiki for advice about vocabulary, foreign languages, drapey tops and gelato. If you need someone to help cater a party or travel to an exotic locale on a spy mission, she would be your  first call.


In spite of being our second youngest power animal, Nina has a gift with diplomacy, a non-judgemental grace and a growing collection of nail polish that makes us all call her for advice. The type of person you wished you lived next door to, Nina will happily feed your dog or suggest a dinner recipe. Always carrying a camera, she is equally skilled at whipping up a cherry pie, giving herself a killer manicure or living in Nepal sans modern plumbing.


With permanently rosy cheeks and a gift for punctuality, this teacher and travel aficionado knows how to work hard and then get the most of her vacations. Super organized and happiest in cute dresses, Thea can be found reading in the morning, at the gym in the afternoon and trying a new cocktail at night. This former hardcore kid and art history expert may love wine and period dramas but is an equal opportunity food lover always down for beer and tacos at the beach.