For a Good Time Once a Month, Call Birchbox!

After hearing internet whispers about Birchbox and getting curious, I finally decided to check it out and become a subscriber. Birchbox is a beauty subscription service; for a paltry $10 monthly, they will ship you a cute box full of 4-5 deluxe beauty samples once a month. I got my first box in the mail(…)

Cheap Thrills: Colorful Nails as a Function of the Economy?

Last week I heard this news piece on NPR’s Marketplace, which posited that all this color that is in style for nail polish right now is a direct reaction to the recession. The story said that now that the economy is getting slightly better we are looking to brighten up our lives, and one cheap(…)

Free Zoya Nail Polish!!

Zoya nail polish has reached 20,000 likes on Facebook and they are rewarding their fans with three free bottles of nail polish! Yes, FREE! I’ve been dying to get my hands on a bottle of Crystal from the Flame Collection, since I read about it on my favorite nail polish blog All Lacquered Up. To(…)