T-ara Channels “Thriller” in “Lovey Dovey” Video

I think it’s time to admit that T-ara has replaced 2NE1 as my favorite K-Pop girl group! I mean, I still love 2NE1 (and 2NE1 TV), but nothing can match the holy K-Pop trinity of T-ara’s “Bo Peep,” “Roly Poly” and now “Lovey Dovey!” (And, I haven’t even GOTTEN to “Cry Cry” yet.) If you’re(…)

The Last of Us: Like Walking Dead but Less Lame

The Last of Us, the newest effort from Naughty Dog (creators of super fun adventure game series Uncharted) was unveiled at the Spike Video Game Awards on Saturday and it’s already created major waves in the video game community.  The below clip was pulled straight from the game (as opposed to animation crafted outside of the(…)