Hunx Designs the Wacky Wacko T-Shirts of My Dreams

Hunx Designs the Wacky Wacko T-Shirts of My Dreams

I mean – are you even seeing that t-shirt? MY sentiments exactly – if not RuPaul for Spritual Leader or just straight up RuPaul for God. Even better is that this t-shirt was designed by someone I love dearly – Seth Bogart AKA Hunx! Bogart is the proprietor of Wacky Wacko – a record label(…)

The Most Intense Animal T-Shirts of All Time

I was innocently going about my job the other day, when I came across THESE by mistake. OR SERENDIPITY. Yes, The Mountain, the same t-shirt company that brought you Three Wolf Moon and probably outfits at least one of your wacky relatives has now come out with this line of “Big Face Animal” t-shirts. I(…)

For Late Summer/Fall Style, Dolce Vita’s Wynne Dress in Blue

While the days are still warm, but the nights start to cool, my mind wanders to what’s in my closet to get me through the pre-fall weather. Jeans and t-shirts are a staple, as always, but sometimes you want to go girly and dress-y. I’ve been eyeing maxis all summer long, but I just haven’t(…)

John Hendrix Takes on Harry Potter

Earlier this summer, Alhambra, CA’s Gallery Nucleus hosted what looked like a truly amazing Harry Potter Art Exhibition. (You can see the pictures here!) Illustrator and author John Hendrix created this amazing “Expecto Patronum” drawing for the event and I can think of no better way to say “PEACE OUT, DEMENTORS” than hanging this baby(…)