Aqua by Aqua: NYE Outift? Done and Done

Pretty much every year this happens…I wait until the last minute, and then start frantically trolling the internet and popping into stores I hardly ever go in (Forever 21 I’m looking at you) in a desperate attempt to secure something sparkly and fun for NYE. I can already tell that this year will be the(…)

Miu Miu Sparkletacular

We the Power Animals can all agree on one thing: you can never have too many sparkles. That’s why I’m putting the Miu Miu resort 2012 shoe collection on my I-wish-I-was-as-rich-as-scrooge-mcduck list. These shoes are blindingly sparkly, and if you have some kind of awesome black tie party to go to, you should start putting(…)

Amazing or Wack? Steve Madden “Madee” Slip-On Flats

While browsing the always awesome Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I came across these Steve Madden slip-ons.  After admiring the sparkles I moved on, then went back.  Stared a little.  Said “nah”.  Then couldn’t decide.  Are these very Euro and cool, or do they look like bizarro slippers?  I can’t tell! Do you see what I mean?  They(…)