Abhyasa Yoga Center = My Williamsburg Oasis

After a long day hunched over a keyboard, nothing feels better than a long stretching session! My #1 place to get my stretch on is Abhyasa Yoga Center. Abhyasa focuses on Hatha yoga-based breath-centered movement rather than gym-like power vinyasa mega blasts. The result is a practice that’s relaxing while still challenging. It’s seriously the(…)

New Dog Obsession: The Norwegian Lundehund

O HAI! I thought I knew every single dog breed that existed until I came across this mystifyingly adorable creature on the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The Norwegian Lundehund has fox-like Shiba Inu-esque looks, an amazingly awkward gait and BONUS TOES! Lundehunds have six toes per foot which helped them with stability back in(…)