Time (Not $) Is On My Side

Time (Not $) Is On My Side

Double Strap Cuff Watch, $450 Watches!  The perfect accessory for the non-jewelry wearer.  I came across these Karl Lagerfeld watches the other day and almost fell off my chair.  SO EPIC.  Karl, can I haz watches? ‘7’ Beveled Bracelet Watch, $275 / ‘Perspektive’ Pyramid Bracelet Watch, $295 / ‘Pop” Bracelet Watch, $195  

Folding for the Trend: Holo Holo Everywhere

Folding for the Trend: Holo Holo Everywhere

Clockwise from top left: Hologram Cap, $35 / Melie Bianco Clutch, $64 / Oxfords, $42 / Mini Wedge Sandals, $22.80 / ASOS Belt, $13.58 / Marc Jacobs Clutch, $98 / ASOS Tee, $33.94 / Retrosuperfuture Sunglasses, $209 / I want it all!  I know it’s sort of ’90s, sort of Spice Girls reminiscent, but who(…)

Bergen Town Center: Where Bargain Dreams Are Made

Bergen Town Center: Where Bargain Dreams Are Made

*Ahhh-Ahhh-Ahhh-Ahhhhhhhhh!* Please tell me you read that operatically. So I drove by these magical outlets a multitude of times, but never with the time to stop, for years. I mean, reading the signs plastered on its walls, it was the ideal shopping destination for someone like me who straight up gets high on bargains –(…)

Our Eyes, They Bleed: Beverly Feldman Jeweled Boots

The Nordstrom buyers do it again.  For every totally dope DVF on-sale cape they sell, they seemingly have one super weird item that you can’t imagine ANYONE buying.  Ever.  Such as those bizarro Prada boots we talked about earlier on Power Animals.  And now…these crazy Etsy-on-drugs, crazed-crafter-with-a-glue-gun pair of boots by Beverly Feldman.  Are these(…)

Falling for the Trend: Pleated Midi Skirts

1.  Trouve Pleated Ballet Skirt, $88.  2.  River Island Pleated Midi Skirt, $43.  3.  Color Block Pleated Midi Skirt, $80.  4.  Halston Heritage Pleated Skirt, $375.  5. Tucker Pleated Skirt, $323. I usually dread fall for many reasons: impending cold weather, endless fruitless searching for the perfect winter boots and coats, nine months until school(…)

Amazing or Wack? Steve Madden “Madee” Slip-On Flats

While browsing the always awesome Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I came across these Steve Madden slip-ons.  After admiring the sparkles I moved on, then went back.  Stared a little.  Said “nah”.  Then couldn’t decide.  Are these very Euro and cool, or do they look like bizarro slippers?  I can’t tell! Do you see what I mean?  They(…)

Kate Spade v Cambridge Satchel Company

All summer I have been lusting after the new Kate Spade Essex Scout Bags…so bright!  Classic shape!  Simple, I could use it forever! Unfortunately, at almost 400 smackers, I couldn’t afford it.  So I waited. I told myself they would go on sale.  I stalked the bag online.  No sale came, and when they did(…)

Prada Mary Jane Boots: Our Eyes, They Bleed

While perusing the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale today I noticed something…curious: “Huh”, I thought.  “What’s up with that creepy disembodied leg?”  I figured it was some weird Photoshopping gone awry until I clicked and the full horror of what I was looking at was revealed to me: Yes ladies, believe it.  For a mere $1,500.00 you(…)