Monserat De Lucca’s Unexpected Awesomeness

Lighter, $63.00 I have a problem with jewelry…I just can’t figure it out.  I almost always put on a bracelet, ring or a necklace before I go out, and then right before I leave I second guess it and take it off.  I think if I had one of these fun, interesting pieces from Monserat(…)

Crazy Intense Necklaces from Finchittida Finch

London based textile and jewelry designer Finchittida Finch makes some craaaazy awesome necklaces, check out how huge these suckers are! Clockwise from top left: Black Temple Oversized Necklace, $143.45 / Mirror Temple Oversized Necklace, $143.45 / Lao Silver Medallion, $73.99 / Lao Gold Medallion, $83.05 Paired with a simple shift and some heels these would make a(…)

Etsy Finds: Snake Jewelry

The Neverending Stooooryyyyyyy! Nanana nanana nanana. With all the maxi dresses and midi skirts out there, I feel like wearing a statement piece is a must.  After watching Practical Magic I am really digging witchy vibes and in a recent flash of inspiration searched for things like “snake bracelet” and “snake necklace” on Etsy and(…)