Kawaii Craziness: Elizabeth Center in Chinatown

Kawaii Craziness: Elizabeth Center in Chinatown

From the outside, Elizabeth Center in Chinatown looks not only unassuming, but straight up boring.  When you first enter the building, things don’t really look much better.  Weird shops selling giant bras and medical supplies abound. Take the escalator downstairs, though, and what you will find is a crazy wonderland of Kawaii epicness.  Want a(…)

Power List: 5 Lemonades to Love

I’ve been on a big lemonade kick this summer and have found refreshing lemonades to love all over New York from a little girl’s stand on Henry Street to a new juice bar at Rockaway Beach. Here are a few of my favorites that have made the summer sweeter. 1. Classic lemonade at Zafi’s Luncheonette(…)

Bright Totes from Wm J. Mills & Co.

Ever since the rise of eco-chic, tote bags have become de rigeur.  That also means that they’re a dime a dozen, gracing the shelves of supermarkets and high-end fashion boutiques alike. That said, there are tote bags, and there are tote bags, and Wm J. Mills & Co. makes the kind that you’ll never hide(…)

Computer Love: Our Favorite Links of the Week

  Art These vintage portraits of intriguing people make us want to write a short story. Thanks Miss Modish! Start with a beautiful fashion photograph add animation and literally feel the wind in your hair over at From Me to You. For all you graphic design lovers here is a rad map of Manhattan using(…)