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Our Eyes, They Bleed: Jeffrey Campbell Rainbow Sneakers

Our Eyes, They Bleed: Jeffrey Campbell Rainbow Sneakers

Seriously, where do I even begin?  Light up soles (yes I think they are sort of cool but omg not on these), six soles worth of rubber to stand on, and all in crazy clown colors.  I can’t even imagine a Spice Girl wearing these!  Since when did Jeffrey Campbell decide to just start trolling(…)

Computer Love: Our Favorite Links of the Week

Sight: Neville, Ron and Draco visit Harry backstage at How to Succeed. Have you seen Rafael Nadal’s Armani ad? STEAMY. Hipster Animals: our alt-er counterparts? Harry Potter + Mean Girls = comic genius. Amazing microphotography showing grains of sand at 250 times their size. Sound: “Billie’s Blues” = one of our favorite songs by Ms.(…)

4th of July Fashion: Americana all the Way!

It’s back, y’all! So many fashion trends from our youth (that we frankly never thought we’d see again) are back. I know there is rarely anything completely new in fashion, so this shouldn’t surprise me, but still it’s fun to watch it all unfold.  That black and pink animal-print monokini I had when I was(…)