El Casco: Staple Away!

Kaufmann Mercantile, you’ve done it again.  You’ve managed to hit me with another perfectly crafted specimen of an object that’s been around for centuries.  Frustrated with my own sub par stapler, incapable of attaching more than 10 pages at a time, I started my search for a new one. Of course, Staples was not exactly(…)

Etsy Finds: Erin Dollar Linens

For some reason, it’s hard to find simple pillowcases that won’t break the bank. I truthfully do not understand why, since pillows are just two small squares of fabric stitched together with a zipper. Nonetheless, I am too lazy to stitch one myself, so I’ve been on the hunt for something simple and classy that’s(…)

Carrie Strine, Modern Quilting Genius

Maybe it’s because it’s not something that my grandmother or my mother ever made, but I’m just not a huge fan of quilts. The crazy color combos and predictable patterns just never did it for me, until I discovered Carrie Strine. This incredibly talented crafter has brought quilting to the modern age. Each quilt is(…)