Onra’s Serving Up Some ’80s R&B Realness

Onra’s Serving Up Some ’80s R&B Realness

It’s been building for a while, but the music world seems to be deep in the throes of an ’80s throwback moment. I blame/thank Drive and its accompanying soundtrack for kicking it into high gear (pun intended). Kids these days are so into these old school sounds that when I played an old Atlantic Starr(…)

Power List: 3 Amazing Music Videos Featuring Cats

Without any ado, I would like to present three of my favorite music videos that involve the Felis catus. #1: “Bo Peep Bo Peep” by K-Pop cuties T-ara. It’s hard to tell what’s more addictive, the song or the dance moves. Not to mention the fact that the South Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism(…)

Dying to See Drive

“Oh hi, Mr. Gosling. What’s that? You’re sexily brooding in a car? Oh, that’s a still from a movie that you’re starring in called Drive in which you play an alt action hero of sorts?” A. I’m seeing this movie based on that alone. B. It stars other perfect specimens of humankind, Christina Hendricks and(…)