Cookbook Review: The Accidental Vegan

Last year I was browsing at Powerhouse Books in DUMBO when a slim cookbook caught my eye. I don’t own many cookbooks and usually Google recipes when I want to make something new. As I paged through The Accidental Vegan by Devra Gartenstein I was stuck by how few ingredients each recipe called for. For(…)

Barley Makes Everything Better

I’ve been on a big time barley kick recently. After a holiday season full of gluttonous eating, I was definitely in need of some detox. So, I decided to finally put the bag of barley that’s been sitting in my kitchen cabinet to use. I guess it had been awhile because I forgot how great(…)

Cooking with Sriracha

I have had a major realization, I love condiments. I recently shared my  discovery of a Belgium spread made of cookies and now I am back to tell you about one of my all time favorite sauces, sriracha. Sriracha, named Bon Appetit’s ingredient of the year, is a Thai hot sauce usually made with chili(…)