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Julia Kostreva: All the Pretty Things

Julia Kostreva: All the Pretty Things

Where to begin? The v. talented Julia Kostreva creates so many pretty things… Like this Ombre Floral Pillowcase ($36)! And this super cute Mon Petit Notebook ($16)! How about a v. cool, v. modern Colorblock iPhone Case ($36)? For prints + more galore, check out the full selection at her Etsy shop. And the rest(…)

Monochromatic French Manicures = My New Obsession

It’s been faaaar to long since I’ve had any action on this blog and to ease myself back in, I’m going with what’s easy… AKA posting about manicures. So here is my new nail obsession: Monochromatic french manicures. I love getting crazy intense sparkly manicures, but sometimes I feel like the higher ups at my(…)

Animal Magnetism: Love for We Love Colors

If you have ever googled “fuchsia tights,” you have probably found the most amazing tights shop ever with tights of all colors and patterns imaginable. We Love Colors specializes in high-quality tights in hard to find colors that come in multiple thicknesses (from sheer to completely opaque) and tons of sizes (kid/men/ladies/plus-size). But most importantly:(…)

Falling for the Trend: Pleated Midi Skirts

1.  Trouve Pleated Ballet Skirt, $88.  2.  River Island Pleated Midi Skirt, $43.  3.  Color Block Pleated Midi Skirt, $80.  4.  Halston Heritage Pleated Skirt, $375.  5. Tucker Pleated Skirt, $323. I usually dread fall for many reasons: impending cold weather, endless fruitless searching for the perfect winter boots and coats, nine months until school(…)

Folding for the Trend – Neon Color Pops

I’m still struggling with this color craze that’s hit every store rack in New York. It’s hard to follow my French Would Do creed in this saturated hue market, but yesterday I came to a realization. If there’s one thing that French would always do, it’s the blazer. Last night PA Melissa was sporting a(…)

Carrie Strine, Modern Quilting Genius

Maybe it’s because it’s not something that my grandmother or my mother ever made, but I’m just not a huge fan of quilts. The crazy color combos and predictable patterns just never did it for me, until I discovered Carrie Strine. This incredibly talented crafter has brought quilting to the modern age. Each quilt is(…)

Color Punch with Clare Vivier’s Oversize Clutches

I walked into Zara yesterday and was blinded by color. It looks like this coming spring/summer season is all about bright color blocking, which is far out of my WFD scheme. That doesn’t mean, though, that I have to give up the trend. There’s nothing more stunning than a bright square of color on a(…)