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The Banger Report: Vol. 10, R&B Joy & Pain

The Banger Report: Vol. 10, R&B Joy & Pain

It just so happens that three extreme R&B jams have appeared in the world in the past week or two and thus, I was inspired to bring back ye olde Banger Report! Two of the songs are adorably joyous and one is just straight up heart-wrenching. Read on to see what beautiful person in the(…)

The Banger Report: Vol. 1

SO MANY BANGERS, SO LITTLE TIME. Bangers seem to be popping up all over these days, whether they’re hip hop bangers, K-pop bangers, classic bangers, alt bangers or showtune bangers (THEY’RE REAL). So many, in fact, that I was inspired to create a new PA feature called The Banger Report, in which I will present(…)

Nicki Minaj’s A$$: It’s Complicated

OK, so I have this “thing” with the concept of guilty pleasures. So, you like a song that isn’t “cool,” a movie that isn’t “intellectually stimulating,” a food that isn’t “healthy.” Who cares? You can’t always be 100% on point all the time. Or you can, but that would be really boring. Quinoa 24/7 is(…)