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Tonight: The Roast of James Franco

Tonight: The Roast of James Franco

James Franco: so loveable, yet so mockable, yet so always in on the joke, yet often the one making the joke. So, thank you to the genius at Comedy Central that came up with the idea to roast him. Not only will we, the viewers, be able to enjoy Mr. Franco in various states of(…)

Emojis in Moscow (Roman in Moscow Remix)

The moment we were dazzled by the glory of Aziz Ansari and Matthew Shawver’s masterful emoji remix of “N*ggas in Paris,” PA Melissa and I knew that we had to take the emojis to Moscow for a remix of “Roman in Moscow” by the one and only Nicki Minaj. I can definitely tell you that(…)

Emojis in Paris: Day Maker

So here I was, watching Frank Zappa on an old episode of SNL, bumming about having a cold and reading twitter. What happened next: Aziz Ansari (already famous for his previously hilarious Watch the Throne inspired tweets) BLEW MY F’ING MIND with this emoji “remix” of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s ultimate extreme jam “Niggas in(…)