amazing or wack?

Amazing or Wack? Steve Madden “Madee” Slip-On Flats

While browsing the always awesome Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I came across these Steve Madden slip-ons.  After admiring the sparkles I moved on, then went back.  Stared a little.  Said “nah”.  Then couldn’t decide.  Are these very Euro and cool, or do they look like bizarro slippers?  I can’t tell! Do you see what I mean?  They(…)

Amazing or Wack? Golden Dipped, Black Feather Necklace

I was browsing the fine wares on Supermarket, when I came across this gold and black leather necklace. Several of my known triggers were there – black, gold, leather, feather, necklace. I love all of those things. But all together is it just TOO much of several good things? I’m torn between thinking that it’s(…)

Amazing or Wack?

Once again, Aldo has provided me with a sartorial dilemma…I have mentioned here how confused I am by some of their styles (delightfully wacky and fashion forward or straight up busted?). Well, it’s happened again! Now, besides the fact that I could never wear these shoes because of pathetically weak ankles, I don’t know! The(…)