Essential Mixtape Alert: DJ Young EZ – Guaranteed Raw Vol. 1


Okayplayer’s Mixtape Mondays feature has opened me up to a whole new world of mixtapes. I am Jasmine, they are Aladdin and this particular mixtape is RUH RUH LIKE A DUNGEON DRAGON. DJ Young EZ describes Guaranteed Raw Vol. 1 as such: “An hour of classic 90s hip-hop shit cause Dipset is what’s ‘old school’ now. Fuck retro irony this is from the heart. Vol. 2 coming this summer. Enjoy…bitch!!” It’s true. This hour goes extremely hard and is also extremely fun to listen to – how could 40 tracks worth of EPMD, Tribe, Outkast, M.O.P., Black Moon (and many more) NOT be?

Get the party started, get some work done, get it: