Avarcas For All, Courtesy Aldo?

Avarca Sandals

On a recent outing searching for dresses at Urban Outfitters (a truly useless search), I stumbled on a pair of Pons Avarcas and thought I had hit the jackpot. For the uninitiated, these sandals are a balearic island staple. I can still picture my aunt’s sandal-clad feet in my earliest childhood memories, sporting the Avarcas that I now associate with my family vacations to Spain. I still love me my espadrilles, but this summer I wanted to shake up things in the slip-on department. What better than the legitimate Spanish import that I just happened upon at Urban Outfitters? But I was sorely disappointed. they felt heavy and wide and clunky. I wanted them, but they made my tiny feet look giant.

I thought my day was done, but you gotta hand it to Aldo – a shop I haven’t actually purchased anything from in at least 5 years. They’ve made a version of these Spanish staples that should not be ignored – in Aldo-speak, the Aluwet. They are slightly slimmer on the foot (and certainly lower quality), but for a summer slip-on I’m not looking to outlast the emperor. What I want is something reasonably priced that will last a solid summer as my dog-walking, bodega-shopping staple. These hit the mark, and though not a total steal ($49.98 on sale), they are certainly worth the cost. I’m getting myself a pair, but can’t decide whether it’ll be red or black. Thoughts?