I Swore I’d Never: Shoes From Anthropologie

In Fashion Neutral Vacation Flats

Clockwise from upper left: 1) Seychelles Garden Walk, $80. 2) Latigo Verge T-Straps, $88. 3) Splendid Twilight Sandals, $78. 4) Sam Edelman Dakota Sandals, $110. 5) Cynthia Vincent Winnima Lace-Up Sandals, $248. 6) Jasper & Jeera Guincho Sandals, $78.

I am definitely surprising myself by writing an entire roundup about sandals that I’d like to buy from Anthropologie. When I told the rest of the PA-ers that this was the topic of a post that I was working on, they too were surprised. I mean, they have some beautiful clothing and pretty ok household decor, but sometimes shoes from Anthropologie are just. too. whimsical. I generally say “no” to whimsy.

The discovery that Anthropologie is currently hawking a treatsure trove of wearable shoes came about while on a search for a new woven close-toed flat for an upcoming trip to Spain, France, and Italy (for dear Kiki’s wedding!). I have possibly found the right neutral woven close-toed flat, but I am still on the hunt for a chic, neutral, walkable sandal that I can wear with everything I bring. They can be all the way flat or have a tiny heel or wedge, as long as they are comfortable and versatile. Some of the above might actually do!

After looking at these shoes, I am thinking that I am perhaps finding them so appealing because they are all appropriate for vacation and are “of the moment”? Like, are they flats that say ” Vacation in the South of France” and not ” Every Day in New York”? Also, Anthro has a ton of shoes at the moment, which might be the reason for the sudden increase in acceptability. Granted, a lot of them are from brands like Seychelles or Sam Edelman but have been re-assigned a different name for sale on the Anthropolgie site. Regardless, the selection seems a lot more appealing than in previous seasons. I must make a decision, posthaste.