7115 by Szeki Stole My French Would do Heart

7115 by Szeki

There are certain times when everything on the racks fits your body type, and you could go from H&M to Opening Ceremony and find a suit that fit. This season, however, I’ve been fresh outta luck – and I’m assuming anyone with more than a C-cup is feeling the same way. Step into Forever 21, and you’re surrounded with 90s throwbacks, emphasis on strappy floral dresses. Low backs, deep v’s, thin polyesters, everything that looks sexy on Kate Bosworth but would make Salma Hayek look like a cheap whore. This has been my spring/summer frustration: nothing on the rack fits my frame – not to mention the fact that I usually run away from prints. FWD* seemed like a long lost anthem, until I strolled by the 7115 by Szeki store on Grand Street in Williamsburg.

It turns out there are still designers out there who want to make timeless clothing, rags that’ll sit in your closet for years that you can mix and match and wear through any trend. In her own words, Szeki says “I’m less excited about designing new pieces than perfecting old ones.” And this is why I’ll keep coming back. Her pieces already fit well, with lines that will flatter any figure but which are simultaneously comfortable. This season, pieces made from linen and silk jerseys hand on the racks and are truly ready to wear. The color palette is muted, just the colors you would expect from a brand with the long-term in mind: creams, beiges, blacks, muted greens, yellows, and blues. Nothing sticks out, but it’s precisely this simplicity that will turn eyes towards you. In a sea of fashion-conscious, floral print and white rubber heel-wearing mavens will be you, in a simple pyjama pant and linen tank. Takes a whole lotta guts to start a label focused on long-term wear, and for that, I bow to you, Szeki Chan.

*My fashion mantra: French would do – basically anything you can picture Audrey Hepburn wearing on the French Riviera.