Massive Love for Sync Studio!

The Bassment at Sync Studio

As you guys know, I have been spinning a lot lately. PA Nicole says it’s my favorite thing to talk about, and that might be true. Now that I have found a convenient and inspiring place to work out, it’s hard not to talk about someplace where I happily spend MANY hours a week. But! SyncStudio is more than just spinning classes: they also have cardio, strength, TRX, and Yoga (sometimes poolside!) classes. After finding a studio that is pretty perfectly matched with my workout style (my style = GOOD classes), I wonder how I spent hours slogging away at the gym by myself. Ugh, that now seems v.v. boring sounding.

One thing that I especially love about SyncStudio’s spinning classes is that the emphasis is really on riding together, like really together, to the beat of the music, standing up with really perfectly synced “dance” moves. To me, this puts it above my SoulCycle experiences which seem to be more about candles and a cult of personality among the instructors than pushing yourself to get the best workout you can.

Read about the inception of SyncStudio here, and check their schedules here. Then, go to a class!

Also, remember my last post about spinning?. Here is me after spinning at SyncStudio with my KTX group! I have no idea why he is holding up a CSI dvd. maybe someone from CSI is in the class? I will never know the answer to this question.

KTX Fitness Class at Sync

p.s. I really hope that I can take Halston’s Major Lazer class at some point before I leave! Fingers crossed the timing works out.

Top photo: Rebecca Dale via Racked. Bottom photo: KTX Fitness via Facebook.