Supermud Is Face Magic!


Of the billions of beauty samples I accumulate, I try millions. And of the millions I try, I have probably actually purchased 10…and that’s being generous. Glamglow SuperMud is one of the winners! Such a winner, in fact, that I had to try it but once to immediately take to Sephora and get my order on.

SuperMud is a facial treatment that you can use as a spot treatment or a full-face mask. And, it’s truly magical. Once you slather the dark grey mass on your face, it will start to harden after a few minutes and from there, it will literally suck mass quantities of oil/impurities/toxins out of your skin. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Don’t believe me? Check out this image for (kind of gross?) proof:

glamglow-supermud-mask-faceYeah. Seriously. Then, after you rinse it off, it will leave your skin feeling incredibly smooth – and if you’re like me, you’ll actually notice fewer blackheads…to a degree that I never thought was possible! It’s well worth the $69 price tag, though I’ll probably only use it about once a week as a special skin treat.

Just ask Michael Buble (who’s apparently also a fan)…


Pick some up for yourself at Sephora!