Lacey Comfort? Simone Perèle Caressence Bras

Simone Perele Caressence

We’ve talked supportive comfort before, and pretty underthings too, but rarely do those things really combine. I was up at Bra Smyth in Manhattan a while back, looking for a solid everyday bra that actually fit right. For me, that means a 32D that’s a rather rare size to find at the usual suspects. The extremely helpful salesperson handed me a Simone Perèle bra that felt like perfection, and months later, it still does. The bra is a perfect fit, looks smooth and unobtrusive under the thinnest of t-shirts, and has what they title “Aloe Vera Lace” that is surprisingly aptly named. It’s a fabric that’s somehow infused with aloe vera, and that’s just what it feels like to the touch, though it doesn’t leave any kind of filmy grossness behind. Months of wear and washes later, and it still feels as soft as it was on day one. Not sure how it works, but just know that it does.

That’s all I really have to say, since really that’s all that matters for what you put on under your t-shirt. It’s definitely in the pricey range, at $89 a pop, but I’ve seen it on Gilt here and there for less, and sometimes you just have to remind yourself that the things you wear every day are worth the extra expense.