The Best Travel Mug for Coffee.

Stumptown Klean Kanteen

There is something about this coffee mug that is very, very appealing. It’s just a regular Klean Kanteen 12oz insulated mug with a coffee lid, but it’s bright and white with gold letters that read “stumpdelicioustown coffee roasters” and the combination of things just makes it look good. The double insulation keeps drinks hot for up to six hours and cold for even longer. I was slightly dubious when Dan came home with this sort of pricey mug to use on his morning commute, but when I tried it out on an incredibly freezing day it kept my coffee so. hot. I love this thing and think I need one too!

Check it at the Stumptown website ($25 + $5 for the loop lid), or get a regular Klean one here.