It is STILL Sweater Weather!?!?

sweaters printed knit

So since it has been the coldest winter ever, I am still in the market for sweaters… even as the notion of spring approaches. Usually by this time of the year I am dreaming of beaches and sunshine and platform shoes, but this winter I am still buying snow boots and sweaters and hats. So to make myself feel better I am looking into some seriously sweet designer sweaters that are now like 60% off… and yet still so much dinero! Still, I want.

Clockwise from top left: 1. Proenza Schouler Merino Wool-blend Sweater, $350 (from $950). 2. Tibi Cable-knit Cotton Sweater, $154 (from $385). 3. Tibi Nelio Cotton and Wool-blend Sweater, $148 (from $285). 4. Mara Hoffman Leopard Knit Pullover, $299 (from $374).