Be My New Best Friend: Cristin Milioti

cristin milioti new jersey

This is a very creepy NJ/Cristin Milioti graphic that I made. Enjoy! Cristin via NPR

You guys!  I LOVE How I Met Your Mother.  Sure, sometimes the humor is a little broad, but overall there are a lot of solid comedic moments, and overall it just makes me feel good about life.  And let me tell you, that is one feat that HBO and Showtime and AMC and Bravo have not been able to achieve with all of their programming.  They might have amazing shows, but those shows often make me feel sad about life.  Not HIMYM!  It’s sweet and fun and sometimes…a little real.

Recently, they revealed the titular character, The Mother.  She’s played by the pretty, gollum-esque (in eyeball size only) Cristin Milioti, and by the time she played La Vie En Rose on what was apparently her own ukelele on the show, I was hopelessly in love.  Her eyes, they are freakishly huge!  Her interviews, they are hilarious and cool!  Besides having been in, most recently, Wolf of Wall Street (as Leo’s young and adorable wife), she was in Once on Broadway.  Once!  So many tears.

The most importante thing though…she’s from Cherry Hill, NJ!  OMGAAAA.  I’M FROM JERSEY TOO.  Check out’s interview, where she proves herself as my NBF (New Best Friend) by talking about women talking in a “sexy baby voice”:

I remember reading an article, I believe in your magazine, with Lake Bell, and her fabulous breasts, where she was talking about the sexy baby thing and it made me think of that episode. If my daughter speaks like that I might slap her or at least shake her or something. Just, no…

When she’s a baby, she can talk as sexily as she wants. But as an adult, no, it’s ridiculous. All I could picture is Susan B. Anthony traveling forward in time and hearing these women speak like they’re 2-year-olds and being like, “Oh no, all of my marching was for nothing.” It’s a shame.

I’m digging her feminist vibes…yay Cristin Milioti!  Check her out on How I Met Your Mother…the finale is on March 31st.  Sad face.