Juno Juno Juno! It’s a Sports Bra.

moving comfort juno sports bra

This lady is smiling because she is all like “I have my RACK on LOCK!” and she is super pumped about it, obviously.  She is thinking “I have been looking for the (almost*) perfect racerback sports bra for-practically-evuuurrr and now i have found it, bam.” It is the Juno sports bra by Moving Comfort, a brand that has long had a pretty good line of active wear for those ladies who grew up layering sports bras in order to get enough support. The Juno is their top-rated sports bra, and for good reason: it does all the things you would like it to do, it isn’t hideously ugly (like some other sports bras that look like torture devices and/or old biddy bras, sadface!), and it is pretty comfortable. The comfort AKA effectiveness is really the most important thing, but it is the cuteness of it–with its general sleekness and happy colors–that makes it a real winner.

*It is not completely perfect because it’s sort of hard to get on… but it’s not enough to discourage all of the other positive qualities.