Valerie Hegarty’s Untamed Art

Woman in White, 2012, Figures, Flowers, Fruit

Brooklyn based artist Valerie Hegarty’s signature style, an explosion of nature overcoming humanity’s attempt to civilize and make sense of it, reminds me of that show Life After People.  Do you guys remember that show?  Touted as a “documentary” by the History Channel, it was all about what would happen to the world, and what we’ve made of it, if humans disappeared all at once.  Sidewalks would give way to weeds, trees would invade buildings, and cars would become home to families of animals.

Sinking Ship, 2012, Altered States

Sinking Ship, 2012, Altered States

Canvases “destroyed” by water damage, animals descending on a hastily abandoned banquet, and whole rooms reclaimed by the elements reduce the luxuries we know and love into mere bits of food and fabric to be ravaged by the Earth.  Hegarty’s work conveys that we are merely passing through, our attempts to capture the beauty of nature fleeting and ultimately, doomed.  Also, Valerie’s work looks REALLY COOL.

Break-Through Miami, 2010

in the woods, of the woods

In the Woods, of the Woods, 2009

Valerie Hegarty has most recently shown her deconstructed works at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, and the Nicelle Beauchene Gallery in Manhattan.