Somang Keratin Silkprotein Hair Pack = Korean Hair Magic!


This, my friends, is a hair product I’m PSYCHED about. I’m in desperate need of a hair cut – split ends, dryness, frizziness, limp locks – and it ain’t pretty. I’ve got one scheduled, but not for another week and yesterday, I didn’t think I could go another day with my busted ass horse’s mane. But then! I realized I had a bunch of samples for this Keratin Silkprotein Hair Pack that were given to me at H-Mart when I was there buying Korean BBQ supplies and I figured, what the heck!

The results were amazing. My hair isn’t quite right-after-haircut nice, but it’s glossier, softer, sleeker and still full of body! It’s like a hair miracle and all it took was leaving this on for 3 minutes after I washed my hair. There’s also a matching shampoo that I’m now also dying to try.

You can get the supplies for your own hair miracle at H-Mart (or other Korean shops) or online at BeCleo – a site that appears to have a lot of great Korean beauty supplies.

PS: While you’re at BeCleo, I also recommend Clio Gelpresso Eyeliner (SO GOOD) and the very fun to use Korean face masks.