For the Holiday Music Averse: This Jam from Dent May




I, and I like to think all reasonable people, hate the fact that holiday music has been blaring from FM stations and department store sound systems since OCTOBER. It’s now November, and though I still don’t think Christmas music is appropriate for mass-consumption until after Thanksgiving, I’ve been revisiting some vaguely-holiday classics – not full on “O Holy Night” type shit, but songs that lean towards winter/cheer/etc. I re-stumbled on this gem from highbrow pop maestro Dent May* – “Holiday Face” – and felt the need to share it with y’all. I think even the most anti-holiday person will be able to appreciate its off-kilter synth pop vibes and get slightly in the holiday mood without feeling guilty about it.

Preview it here:

Then, go forth and download it here!

*For the record, I celebrate Dent May’s entire catalog, and I recommend that you explore it!