Goldie Blox: Breaking Glass Ceilings

Growing up I was all about my Gund bears and My Little Ponies, but I always had my eye on a few of my brother’s toys. The Sega Genesis was one – I could watch him play for hours – and the other were his Legos. But both were hisand though I’m sure if I had made a fuss I would have had them for myself, but I never did. So I watched and advised, but never really did one on my own. I know I wasn’t alone, and FINALLY, years and years later, someone has decided to fill the gender gap in the toy aisle. Goldie Blox is the brainchild of Debbie Sterling, who only discovered the possibility of becoming an engineer through an encouraging teacher in her senior year in high school. After graduating Stanford with a degree in Mechanical Engineering/Product Design, she looked around her and realized there were very few women graduating in engineering. Looking to do something about it, she came up with the idea of starting from the bottom: with kids.

The Goldie Blox project started off with Kickstarter funding and has exploded on the scene with toys that are unlike anything else on the market. They’re like k’nex, but with just the right amount of girliness to appeal to girls that still like their dolls. Rollers and ribbons, pegs and rods all ready for little girls to imagine, build, and innovate. I’m excited about the fact that now I can get toys for my friends’ kids that will instill in them a sense that they can break boundaries. But all this description does not do the toys or the company justice. Just watch their perfectly cast ad: I challenge you not to get excited about girls sticking it to the man and doing as they please – all while rewriting a Beastie Boys classic.

More videos, toys, and “More than just a princess” merch is worth checking out on the Goldie Blox website.