Orange Is the New Black: A Fairly Healthy Addiction


Not since Breaking Bad have I felt as addicted to a show as I did with Orange Is the New Black. The Regina Spektor theme song, the loveable/hateable characters, the intense plot – I just needed to know what happened next! Yes, I have issues with it. Namely: Laura Prepon’s eyebrows, the number of times Piper says “seriously?” in the first few episodes, the fact that actually terrible/menacing characters play out like a joke at times (e.g. Mendez) – but I can overlook these things in favor of the full and total glory of the show. I really love (or hate) most of the characters and it’s interesting and heart-rending to see what their lives were like before prison – and what led them there. I won’t give away any spoilers, but the plot is pretty intense (though not BB intense) and it’s hard not to “just watch one more”  forever.

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