Duro Olowu Makes the Clothing of My Dreams

Duro Olowu Collage

Capes and Prints! Printed capes! Pantsuits with matching capes! Cape dresses you can wear with sandals! Whaaaaat. Want want want. If I ever get to wear the clothing of my dreams, much of it will consist of Duro Olowu pieces. His clothes are clearly epic: they mix prints on prints on prints and have classic yet modern silhouettes that manage to be playful without being cloying. Even the Fall/Winter collections are light and airy and somehow manage to still look warm  (I’ve never been the kind of New Yorker who ascribes to the all-black-everything vibe). PA Nicole told me about a post on OkayAfrica that talked about Michelle Obama’s penchant for wearing clothes made by African-born designers, and Duro was one of them. If I was MObama, I would wear as much Duro as possible.

p.s. Solange is a fan, obviously.