Putting Someone’s Eye Out in Style: Hella Slingshots

hella slingshotsMade by Adam Gray in San Francisco, Hella Slingshots brings a dash of style to an old timey tradition: slingshotting the hell out of a beer can or a small animal.  No!  No small animals.

hella slingshotsClockwise from top left: Tiger, $18 / Best #4, $38 / Hunting #5, $10 / Neon Pink, $32

Imagine, la di da hanging out with friends at a rooftop party.  Empty beer cans.  TADA!  You bring out your slingshot!  You are the queen of the party.  Everyone has extra fun.  Instagram opportunities x1000.

For the kiddies, you can get felt ammo (little puff balls that won’t hurt a fly) or seed bombs (plant things while you slingshot!).  For the older folks, you can buy wood or iron ammo.  Woo!

If slingshots aren’t your thing, Hella Slingshots also carries wooden swords (for epic LOTR reenactments) as well as other retro games.