Going Fast: the Wolverine/Samantha Pleet Arc Boot

Wolverine Samantha Pleet Collaboration BootieIf there’s a fashion trend that I’m hoping will never die it’s the ankle boot, and I’m definitely amassing quite the collection. My goal this year is to find a nice version in black leather with a sensible heel.  Durability is also a must, considering how much walking one does in New York. I think I’ve found my match with the Wolverine/Samantha Pleet collaboration. This little bootie has all the wearability of a solid work boot, the rubber sole that will last more than a season on NYC pavement, and the fashion sensibility of a graphic designer. The look is also a combo of both, reminiscent of a simple slip-on cowboy boot and a cute stacked heel fashion staple. It’s also a  departure from the Rachel Comey boot profile that has completely dominated the bootie scene in New York these past few years, and thus a departure from what’s already in my closet.

The price is steep, $303 for the pair, but the quality is up to snuff, which means in my mind that it’s a worthwhile investment. The only bummer is that they’re selling out fast, and they only have the black version in a few sizes. Conclusion: if you’re into it, get to it!