Cray Shoes: Killin It With & Other Stories

shoes and other stories

While falling down the internet rabbit hole I lucked into the site & Other Stories.  A subsidiary of H&M, they offer higher end products and a collection of brands that are stylish and, in some cases, totally bonkers.  See above shoes, for $152, that I want SO BADLY but that I’m not sure I could pull off.

trop rouge shoes

Check out the adorbs style blogger Christina Caradona rocking them on her site Trop Rouge! She looks cute, right?  But she is a modely style blogger, and I am but a mere mortal.  Life is so hard.

& Other Stories is a UK brand, so shipping won’t be great, but they have a ton of fun things so check out their site!  Also, should I get those shoes: yes or no.  Please check one in the comments below.