Halloween Hotness: Tracy Flick

tracy flick election

Next up on our list of dope Halloween costumes that will make you look and feel awesome while also making sure you can actually walk around, dance and party like a normal human being is the wonderfully neurotic Tracy Flick!  Played by Reese Witherspoon in 1999, Tracy had it all figured out.  No lame high school, popular jock, or pathetic divorced dude was gonna keep Tracy from making it to the top.  Overachieving Tracy birch slaps every punk who gets in her way, all while making sweet buttons and cupcakes to share with her classmates.

election movie halloween tracy flickTurtleneck, $32 / Skirt, $38 / Over the Knee Socks, $13

Add some sensible shoes, then top off the outfit with some Pick Flick cupcakes and a custom button.  Wear your smarts and intense sense of purpose with pride and you’re all set!

Bonus points: carry around a clipboard and try to get enough signatures to run for student government.