Halloween Hotness: Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead

chef don't tell mom the babysitter's dead

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Every Halloween the whole of the universe collapses in on itself as everyone spends frantic time, energy and money trying to put together a last minute costume.  Of course, we always tell ourselves that next year we’ll be more prepared but let’s face it, it’s all a damn lie.  That’s why this year we’re here to give you dope Halloween ideas that are fun and won’t make you look like a tranny hooker.  Unless that’s what you want to look like in which case, do you.

trio dont tell mom the babysitters dead

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Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, aka The Best Movie to Come out of the ’90s, featured Christina Applegate as a sassy teen turned fashion designer.  Her big break comes at the end of the movie when she gets to put on her very own fashion show, right in her back yard.  She uses her best friends as models and boy, do they look special.  The looks are supposed to be fresh takes on traditional uniforms (bellhops, nurses and chefs make the cut), but in reality they look like Betsy Johnson’s fever dreams.  But that’s ok, because even if no one would ever in their right mind wear these outfits to go to work, they WILL work amazingly for Halloween!

Crazy Jester Chef

dont tell mom the babysitters dead chefJester’s Hat, $6 / Scarf, $3 / Chef Coat, $18 / Leggings, $7 / Heels, $28


Tim Burton-esque Bellhops

dont tell mom the babysitters dead bellhopHat, $18 / Jacket, $26 / Tube Dress, $40 / Stuffed Animal, $10 / Nesting Hat Boxes, $9 / Yellow Tights, $16 / Shoulder Tassels, $10 / Doorknocker Earrings, $8


High as a Kite Nurse Jackie via the 90s

nurse dont tell mom the babysitters deadHat, $10 / Tube Dress, $37 / Leggings, $16 / Converse, $55 / Ribbon, $3 / Stethoscope, $9 / Feathers, $4.50


dont tell mom the babysitters dead

Bonus points for finding people to dress like Sue Ellen, Bryan and Rose!