Start Watching Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce Now!

Big Freedia Queen of Bounce

What’s the only good thing to come out of Miley Cyrus’s stupid faux-twerking? Increased exposure for our O.G. twerking boo Big Freedia! I was first alerted to her awesomeness by PA Nicole (of course) back in 2010, so I was pretty damn thrilled when I heard that she had landed her own TV show on Fuse! Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce is adorable to watch because 1. Big Freedia’s mom is crazy and awesome and their relationship is so sweet, 2. New Orleans is probably my second favorite city in the US, and 3. We need Freedia to win at life and at music!

Big Freedia’s show is about trying to break out of the local scene and make it big in the world of music, all the while maintaining his authenticity. It’s amazing. I super duper want this to happen because Freedia just wants people to have fun. <3 <3 <3

Check Big Freedia: QoB on Fuse! Wednesdays at 11pm. What!

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