For Anyone Who Has Ever Gotten the Stink Eye at the Met*

Metropolitan Museum Suggested Donation
So it appears that a group of people are suing the Met for being vague about its “Suggested Donation” policy for entry. It’s sort of like…. if you are in the know then you are in the know? It’s a huge museum with a ton of cool shit and they are trying stay alive in this tough economy and whatnot, so either pay attention to the rules and pay what you wish, or pay the full price and stop complaining about it! Yes, the NYT article manages to quote someone who knows actual New Yorkers who haven’t bothered to pay attention to the fact that you can go to the Met for free, but I feel like that’s their own damn fault. Also, if you are a visitor to a foreign land, isn’t it a given that you are not going to be able to figure out the ins and outs of the local establishments, especially how to pay less for something?!? If you don’t know the Met is suggested donation, then you are very likely a young person, a person who doesn’t have reliable internet access, a non-English speaker, or you have not been paying attention. Suing the Met because you didn’t read the fine print is your own fault, I think. #rant

*For anyone who has ever gone to the Met, paid less than the suggested entry, and as a result of it has received the stink eye from the ticket sellers: you are wonderful.