Fiona Apple’s Hot Knife Butters My Bread

fiona hot knife

Fiona has been my spirit animal since her first album Tidal was released, way back in 1996. Omg! I was 16, half my current age.  How time flies.

I no longer lay in bed listening to Fiona, dreaming of the boy I like and feeling like Ms. Apple is speaking to my very soul, but I do still make an effort to check out her new releases.  Hands down my fave song from her most recent album, The Idler Wheel, is Hot Knife.  Sung in the round with her sister Maude Maggart, it’s so pretty and uplifting…it’s nice to hear Fiona happy about something for a change!

And to be honest, when I listen to this song there is still a boy I think about.  Oh Fiona!  You know me so well.