The New Pusha T Record. So Good.


I hereby present evidence that you can still discover music via the old-timey format of FM radio. A few weeks ago, I was driving back from Long Beach on a Saturday night listening to Hot 97. They were playing exactly what I wanted to hear – new songs I love and new songs that I hadn’t heard yet. One in particular jumped out, smacked me in the brain and incited that rare magical moment in which I fell in love immediately. I knew that in a few weeks’ time, I’d listen to this song so much that I’d know every single word. That song was “Nosetalgia” by Pusha T feat. Kendrick Lamar. It’s dark, minimal, haunting, hard as a mf MAGIC. And you know what’s more magic – THE ENTIRE NEW PUSHA T RECORD. It’s so good that makes me angry and/or want to just freak out/not remain seated ever again. In short, I love it and I look forward to listening to it on repeat now and in the future.

Stream the masterpiece My Name Is My Name below! And buy it when it comes out on Tuesday 10/8!


My Name Is My Name from Pusha T on Myspace.