Animals Ask People: Ria Lopez of RiaNailz


There are a lot of nail artists out there, but I always come back to RiaNailz. Whether it’s Henry + Karen’s house from Goodfellas or Beyonce’s Kenzo romper, she takes my weird ideas and makes them into an awesome nail reality (please see the collage below for evidence!). Every time she does my nails, I get constant compliments and people can’t believe that an actual human painted the designs on my nails (no, they are not stickers). Ria is insanely creative and stylish and she’s also a sweet, funny person to be around while your hands are in her hands. For this installment of Animals Ask People, I talked to Ria Lopez, the woman behind RiaNailz!

Tell us about RiaNailz and why it rules.
RiaNailz is me – I am a nail artist. I rule because I do nails, but not just your average french manicure or red polish. I do awesome, creative, and intricate art on people’s nails.

What’s the last thing that moved you to tears?
Last thing that moved me to tears was breaking my nail in half at kickboxing.

What’s your favorite accessory?
My favorite accessory is a little black hat from Forever 21 that I try to wear with every outfit.

What’s your adult beverage of choice?
Passion fruit Moscato..I got a bottle for my birthday and I’m now addicted.

If you could force someone to watch one movie, what would it be?
I would force someone to watch Pitch Perfect…I love singing along to all the songs.

What shoes do you wear for an all-day outing?
For an all day outing, I wear my studded leather combat boots. They are the most comfortable shoes I own.

Are you a creator or a critic?
I’m going to have to say both – I’m a creator, but I’m also my own worst critic.



Pictured above: some of the amazing nail art Ria has created for me over the years! Clockwise from top left: Thanksgiving 2012 nails, Fade to Black nails, Bills Zubaz nails, Kenzo nails, my FIRST RiaNailz, yellow leopard nails, Mermaid Ball nails, my ULTIMATE FAVE Goodfellas nails (inspired by Henry and Karen’s house – aka my dream house)

RiaNailz is based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. To make an appointment, email her at And check out some more of her amazing work on her tumblr.