Yellow Owl Workshop Made the Best Thank You Cards Ever


Until the day that we can all communicate telepathically….or more likely though Google BrainChat ™, thank you notes will be one of those things we need around. But to be real, I’m not inspired to buy the thank you notes I usually see around, finding them overly cutesy/frilly/flowery for my tastes. I typically just use a blank notecard that I find in ye olde stationery box under the bed. But these – THESE – geometric beauties are the kings of thank you cards and I want to run out and buy them immediately. They’re striking, sharp and brightly-colored while at the same time having an organic feel. Thank you, Yellow Owl Workshop for getting it right!

Yellow Owl Workshop gets a lot of things right actually. Check out the Geometric Card Set ($16 for a set of 8) and the rest of their shop for tons of fun – jewelry, stamps, more!