Throwing Shade Is Now on Funny or Die!

Throwing Shade Funny or Die Podcast

This is another podcast update! My favorite podcast flame, Throwing Shade, has entered the world of MOVING IMAGES and is now a regular feature on Funny or Die! The show is a shorter version of the podcast, and it’s pretty fun to see them animated and full of life on my little computer screen. I’m sure it’s exactly like how people felt when TV was invented and all of a sudden they saw their favorite radio voices on the small screen. Also, I have to say that watching Erin and Bryan’s facial expressions and gesticulations is pretty much better than watching any TV host, even that crazy lady Wendy Williams. Sometimes they even have guests like a fancy talk show (see Dustin Lance Black above)! Yay for more ways for me to get my Erin and Bryan fix!

One more thing: Erin’s hair is SO GOOD!  I love all the braids and the loose waves and when she puts it up in a bun with bangs. It reminds me of what my hair could maybe possibly be like… if  I put effort into it?