Face Stickers? Face Stickers.

dermagen frownies anti wrinkle

You know how sometimes you end up with beauty samples of things that you are highly skeptical of? Well I ended up with not one, but two different brands of things that can only be called “face stickers.” These are straight up As Seen On TV products that claim to reduce the shit out of the wrinkles that exist on your face, among other magical claims. I let these little stickies languish in the box that I keep under my bed that is full of beauty products waiting to be used. Well today, in a fit of summer cleaning, I was like #yolo and starting sticking these things all over my face. Before I did so, I took a good, solid look in 5x magnification vanity mirror and took a mental pic of my face. I stuck some DermaGens on my ‘smile lines’ aka nasolabial folds and also a stupid zit (that had been hurting my face for 2 days), and Frownies on my between the eyebrow scowl thing and my under eye (Gel Frownies).

I was expecting nothing to occur, so imagine my surprise when I took off the DermaGen patch to find that the swelling had diminished and the whole situation looked way better. And then! Then I took off the smile line ones and those lines appeared to be diminished too! The Frownies for wrinkles didn’t seem to do as much, but you’re supposed to use them fairly consistently at night. The gel ones definitely made my under eyes look soft and glow-y.

VERDICT: I would 100% continue to use these weird face stickers! I am as surprised as you are, I know. The thing that really sold me is how they managed to help my zit! I mean, I had tried ALL of the steps/products recommended for crazy zits and had achieved zero pain/swelling reduction. I don’t get these kinds of zits very often, but when I do they tend to cause scars that last for months on my sensitive skin. + points for not irritating said sensitive skin. Also, these are touted as being botox alternatives and I miiiight actually agree. If I continue to use them and they seem effective, I will most certainly let you know.