The Scratch Monthly Mani Box feat. Nail Swag!



Love nail art? Can’t paint your nails for sh*t? Can’t always afford to stay laced in professionally-done nail art? If you answered yes to all of these, you are a lot like me! So, in those between-rad-mani times, you might also turn to nail wraps. The problem is that once you pick out the couple Sally Hansen designs that you like, it’s not fun to keep going back to them. For me – one of the main joys of nail art is always trying something new (and possibly weird) and most nail wraps are just too main – and too limited – for me. So…I was psyched when I saw that Nail Swag was working with Scratch to create her own ridiculously fierce nail wraps as their featured artist for August!

If you’re not familiar with her, Nail Swag is the nom de nail of Natalie Minerva, an extremely talented and adorable LA-based nail artist. (I was fortunate enough to get an appointment with her when she was in New York a few months ago – and THESE were the amazing results!)

Pictured above is her Splatter Nail set and she also has two other sets available for purchase – all for only $12 each! Scratch also has a monthly mani subscription box available – each box includes 3 nail wraps, a bunch of studs and accessories and a surprise gift. If anyone wants to buy me a gift subscription, please feel free :D.