The Marina Abramovic Institute and Pop Culture Dream Collabos!

marina abramovic institute kickstarter

After pretty much killing it and cementing her place in history as the self-proclaimed “grandmother of performance art” with her 2005 and 2010 retrospectives at the Guggenheim and the MoMA (the latter of which featured a parade of celebrities basking in her intense stare), it appears that Marina is reveling in her pop status by doing fun projects with fun people. In my mind, she’s all “I spent so many years whipping myself and carving stars into my skin that I would like to please now place gold foil all over James Franco’s nude body. Thank you.” I mean, she’s also raising money via Kickstarter for the Marina Abramovic Institute, but really it seems like she’s having fun being a pop star.*

So given the fact that in the last year, Marina has collabo’d with Jay-Z, James Franco, and most recently, Lady Gaga, which Marina pop collaborations should come next? I’m thinking definitely Ryan Gosling and Beyonce… and also Daniel Day Lewis. Anyone else? Thoughts?

*I am mostly kidding about this. It seems pretty clear that Marina is aiming to become well-known to a broader community of potential art and culture consumers in order to make her dream of the MAI become a reality. I hope it works!