Werner Herzog vs. Texting and Driving

werner herzog says don't text and drive

Werner Herzog wants people to stop texting and driving and he has made a powerful documentary short to try and convince drivers to do so. When AT&T wanted to make a film for its “It Can Wait” campaign* that would tell the real stories of people who have been both victims and perpetrators of text-related tragedies, someone had the bright idea to ask Werner Herzog to helm the project. It sounds like Werner immediately jumped on board, saying “There’s a completely new culture out there. I’m not a participant of texting and driving—or texting at all—but I see there’s something going on in civilization which is coming with great vehemence at us.” Werner conducted all of the interviews himself.

The film will be shown as a part of driver education programs in thousands of high schools to try to get those pesky teens to put the damn phone away while they’re driving. It’s an odd pairing, AT&T and Werner Herzog, but it results in a compelling film that could potentially save lives. Love that Werner.

*If you happen to visit this website, be prepared for an absolutely atrocious visual experience. Oh, the horror of the typefaces! So. Bad.